High Voltage systems for medical imaging


The Spellman High Voltage Company produce an extensive array of high voltage solutions for the diagnostic medical imaging industry including: the K&S HFe R/F series of generators; CT gantry mounted generators; the PDM series Dental Monoblock for both panoramic and CT applications; the VMX series mammography generator; Monoblock X-Ray Sources for Bone Densitometry; and DGM series power supplies for image intensifiers.

The units have design complexities far beyond a traditional high voltage power supply. Issue like X-Ray tube packaging and cooling, X-Ray beam port and window design and radiation shielding are just some of the items the company’s  X-Ray Development Group deals with each day. From a solid encapsulated Monoblock X-Ray source for bone densitometry or an oil encapsulated Monoblock® for a rotating CT scanner, Spellman’s engineers have what it takes to design the X-Ray source you need.

Spellman have also an array of turn-key solutions and single source options for the full X-Ray image chain, supporting both Digital Radiographic and Digital Fluoroscopic applications

Spellman High Voltage Electronics

Hauppauge, NY US