Image enhancement software for POC ultrasound

A new version of the latest image enhancement software (US PLUSView) from the Swedish company Context Vision has been designed for the Digital Signal Processor (DSP), a processing platform which is particularly suited for portable and handheld ultrasound devices. (DSPs are microprocessors specifically designed to handle digital signal and image processing tasks. These devices provide a smaller, lower-cost solution, with excellent performance, low latency, and no requirements for specialized cooling or large batteries. DSPs have seen tremendous growth in the last decade, finding use in everything from cellular phones to advanced scientific instruments.)

As Point of Care is driving today’s health care market, ultrasound manufacturers are investing in the development of portable ultrasound equipment to meet increased demand. Experts predict this to be one of the fastest growing segments in medical imaging. “We are very pleased to release another product for the mid-end segment. The continued growth of our ultrasound family demonstrates the flexibility of our latest technology,” said Anita Tollstadius, CEO, ContextVision. “We are focusing our product development on growing segments and therefore expect solutions for the DSP platform to become important over the coming years.” Context Vision has optimized its flexible image enhancement software for implementation into the small and cost-effective DSP. Product development has concentrated on achieving as much functionality as possible despite constraints of the DSP and the end result is a product with a very high standard.

Context Vision,

Stockholm, Sweden