LED Back-lit monitors

EIZO have extended their range of monitors with
the launch of the RadiForce GX540, a new 5 megapixel monochrome LCD
monitor, and the RadiForce RX440, a new 4 megapixel colour LCD monitor.
With the addition of these two models, the company’s RadiForce
diagnostic monitor line-up now all come with LED backlights. This
technology ensures the stable and reliable performance that is needed in
diagnostic monitors while increasing the service life since LEDs
deteriorate far slower than traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent
lamp) backlights. The new monitors have a 5 year full warranty or 20,000
hours when used at recommended brightness. With the energy-efficient
LED backlights, the monitors can thus achieve a reduction in power
consumption of approximately 25% compared to the same size monitor with a
conventional CCFL backlight. Both monitors include EIZO’s unique Hybrid
Gamma function which automatically distinguishes whether the displayed
images are monochrome or color and displays each image in its ideal
brightness and grayscale tones. This expands the usability of PACS
applications by ensuring that various medical images are optimally
displayed simultaneously. An Integrated Front Sensor (IFS) housed within
the front bezel measures brightness and grayscale tones and calibrates
to the DICOM Part 14 standard. This dramatically cuts monitor quality
control workload and maintenance costs