Measuring radiation in multiple applications

Radiation measurement often requires different devices for varying applications adding to the cost and complexity of data collection. The new RaySafe 452 Survey Meter is a versatile, powerful tool that can be used for multiple situations, reducing the number of devices technicians need to carry, learn, and calibrate. The 452 Survey Meter is the ideal tool to measure radiation in a wide variety of applications, including wall leakage, scatted radiation in a room, tube leakage, nuclear medicine, and control of treated patients. The meter helps technicians:

  • Make data collection accurately and easily with fast response times;
  • Detect variations from background radiation levels due to its high sensitivity;
  • Trust the readings without post processing of the data due to a flat, wide energy response range;
  • Easily save data and analyze it later with the automatic saving of dose rate values every second.

The survey meter comes with RaySafe View software that makes it easy to transfer data to a PC and log data quickly, easily, and efficiently. All data is time stamped and dose rate waveforms can be further analyzed later. Built on the trusted and proven technology of the RaySafe X2, the 452 Survey Meter provides peace of mind that the readings collected are accurate.

Unfors RaySafe AB