Medical imaging display systems

The startling technical progress over recent years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging modalities such as CT and MRI means that images of higher resolution than ever before can now be delivered. But in order to take full advantage of such information there’s a corresponding need for equally advanced medical displays.

The latest developments in medical monitor technology focus on devices capable of delivering 8 megapixel resolution. This image format, known as 4K Ultra High Definition (3840×2160), has quickly become an established standard in many areas of the medical imaging sector.

From NEC Display Solutions, the MD322C8 monitor is the top of the line from the company’s wide range of medical imaging displays: The 31.5-inch 8MP screen offers a generous wide-format workspace, ensures optimized uniformity of color and luminance and is equipped with the latest anti-glare coating, which all lead to the highest level of accuracy and ergonomic comfort.  The new monitor works seamlessly with NEC’s hospital wide Quality Assurance Solution GammaCompMD QA. This specialised software delivers confidence that hospital wide diagnostic and viewing displays all conform to DICOM standard for total quality assurance.


Tokyo, Japan