New 1.5T MRI system

The new Vantage Elan system from Toshiba has its technological roots in more than 1700 systems of the Vantage family of MRIs already installed worldwide. The new system employs a new magnet technology to provide superior intrinsic homogeneity, so that there is no sacrifice of image quality even in the most difficult examination requirements such as off center imaging or in a large field of view requiring fat free images. In addition Toshiba have improved the comfort of the examination by introducing a new technology called Pianissimo that significantly reduces the noise for the patient and the operator. A new light coil design and technology provides easier set up and a more comfortable experience for the patient. Finally, our new bore aperture, short length magnet and air flow system, provides your patient with a comfortable place to have their examination with less stress. All of the company’s non-contrast applications on the other Vantage series products, are also available in the Vantage Elan making it possible to perform a full body non contrast MRA..  Only 23 square meters footprint xis needed for a complete installation


Toshiba Medical Systems Europe

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands