QA meters for X-ray systems

With the new Nomex Multimeter from PTW-Freiburg, it is even more easy to check all relevant QA parameters of various X-ray systems. The multimeters are now available individually for quality assurance of radiography, fluoroscopy, dental, CT and mammography units as well as for irradiation devices in image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT).

The Nomex Multimeters are part of the compamy’s proven standard equipment ,used by  service and medical technicians as well as experts and medical physicists. The multimeters are used for acceptance testing and expert inspections, for constancy tests and as part of the service and maintenance work of X-ray equipment. No additional accessories and no additional display units are required for operation, except for a PC or a tablet.. The meter only needs to be connected in a simple plug-and-play fashion to the mini USB port, and for the rotation-independent measuring device to be positioned in the central beam of the X-ray machine, before measuring can be started. The fact that the Nomex multimeters do not require additional alignment along the tube axis accelerates and simplifies the measurement setup. The Nomex software has also been developed to be kept consistently lean, so that everything required to start a measurement can be adjusted with a maximum of three clicks. The measurements themselves  ar of  high precision, reproducibility and long-term stability that are customary in PTW measuring instruments. T IEC standard requirements for precision are met and even by far exceeded, which provides the user with a maximum degree of measurement reliability: the dose accuracy for radiography/fluoroscopy units is between 40 and 150 kV ± 1.5 percent within the complete conventional measurement range and between 23 and 35 kV ± 2.5 percent in mammography. To measure additional, other radiological modalities, existing Multimeters can be easily upgraded for such applications if required. All types of X-ray equipment can be tested with the Nomex Multimeter all-in as a fully equipped variant. The Nomex Multimeters in the individual versions of RAD/FLU/MAM, RAD/FLU, DENT/DENT-PAN, MAM, CT and IGRT, each with or without mAs option, are available as of February 2019.

PTW Freiburg

Freiburg, Germany