Ultrasound training simulator

MedaPhor, a global provider of advanced ultrasound education and training for medical professionals, has announced that a new study into the impact of ultrasound skills training using its ScanTrainer TVS (Transvaginal) simulator has concluded that novices’ performances significantly improved with practice. Their learning curves reached the level of expert performance after between three and four hours of simulator training. The study gives powerful support to the effectiveness of ScanTrainer simulation training in early phase ultrasound skills acquisition

The study was carried out by one of Europe’s leading hospitals, Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet A group of 16 ultrasound novices and 12 experienced obstetrics and gynecology consultants participated. The first two performances of each group, on seven selected modules on the ScanTrainer TVS simulator, were used to identify valid and reliable metrics. Performance standards were analyzed and novices were then instructed to continue practicing until they attained the scanning performance level of the expert subgroup.

In the selected female pelvis scanning skills, all novices reached the expert ultrasound scanning performance level after five sessions on the ScanTrainer TVS simulator, an average of 3 hours and 39 minutes of simulator-based training.

The study is powerful evidence that training using the ScanTrainer simulator can rapidly accelerate ultrasound scanning skills acquisition in a simulated setting in the early learning phase.


Cardiff, UK